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About Us

At Tampa Crossroads, we empower lives and build futures through housing and homelessness support, assistance for people with disabilities, crisis intervention, and aid for veterans and military families. Join us in making a difference today!

Holistic, Family-Centered Approach to Care

Our holistic, family-centered approach to care prioritizes the well-being and needs of every individual and family we serve. By addressing physical, emotional, and social aspects of health, we ensure comprehensive support and empowerment for all. Join us in fostering a healthier, happier community together.

Programs & Services

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program offers a supportive and structured environment for individuals seeking recovery from addiction or mental health challenges. With personalized care plans and evidence-based therapies, we empower individuals on their journey towards healing and recovery.

Affordable Housing

Providing access to safe and affordable housing options is at the core of our mission. Our affordable housing program offers support and resources to individuals and families seeking stable living arrangements, ensuring everyone has a place to call home.

Veterans Services

Honoring and supporting our veterans is a priority. Our veterans services program provides a range of resources and support tailored to meet the unique needs of those who have served our country. From housing assistance to employment services and mental health support, we are committed to serving those who have served us.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our drugs and alcohol testing services offer reliable and confidential testing solutions to individuals and organizations alike. Whether for personal health monitoring or employment compliance, our comprehensive testing ensures accurate results and peace of mind.

Vocational Rehabilitation Employment for Disabled Adults

We also feature a vocational rehabilitation employment program, dedicated to empowering disabled adults on their path to meaningful employment. With personalized support, skill development, and job placement assistance, we strive to break down barriers and foster independence in the workplace. Join us as we champion diversity and inclusion, creating opportunities for all to thrive in the workforce.

Latest Updates

The Vital Role of NGOs – 4 Ways They Contribute to Communities

Contribute to Communities

NGOs, also known as Non-Governmental Organizations, are bodies that work in tandem with the government to implement projects and work for the welfare of the people. These NGOs mainly work for the marginalized and needy people to give them what they’ve been deprived of in society. They can help them with food, shelter, clothes, employment, finance, and much more. These are independent groups created by people who wish to achieve certain similar goals that are socially, publicly, and politically good for the nation.

Role Of NGOs

NGOs mainly shine in front of society when people overlook the needs of certain groups of people. People with the same mindset of helping others go to these organizations and work towards the betterment of society. These organizations also work as an intermediary body between the government and the society. Some common roles they fulfill are:

Role Of NGOs

  • Making the government accountable by ensuring they are responsible and accurately solve people’s problems.
  • Offer suggestions and their expert point of view during the policy-making process.
  • Bring societal, behavioral, and environmental changes.
  • Educate people about the government policies, programs, and the rights they uphold.
  • Work as a pressure group to put their observations and thoughts against various policies and government activities.
  • Keeping an eye on the changing government policies.

4 Ways They Contribute To Communities

After reading the above points, you may now have an idea about how NGOs help society. Since the beginning, NGOs have been at the forefront of helping those in need and fighting for their rights. There are, however, many ways in which they contribute to communities.

In Health

There are many NGOs inclined towards the health sector. The poor are the most affected by bad health. This is when health-specific NGOs come into play. They have mobile dispensaries and clinics that allow the poor to be checked at a minimal fee or even at no cost at all. These NGOs make sure that everyone in society is free of any disease and stays healthy.

In Disaster Management

Disaster Management

The Iraq war that’s still going on, we know how many people have been displaced and separated. During this crisis, they don’t have access to food, water, and other basic amenities. Some NGOs risk their lives to reach out to them and reunite them with their families or give them comfort. NGOs dealing with disaster management focus events on but are not limited to pandemics, natural disasters, war, and much more.

In Education

Many people in society are deprived of their basic right to education. Various NGOs offer education support to those who do not have access to enough money. They also have scholarship programs and an education center where they welcome underprivileged people to come and learn. In fact, according to the online publication Top Trade Schools, Tampa based Non-Governmental Organizations are responsible for offering thousands of dollars of financial aid to students pursuing their education at some of the highest-rated trade schools in Florida. Assistance for those seeking education to develop careers and improve their socio-economic states, is a crucial tool for positive change in communities.

In Women Empowerment

Various sections of society are dependent on the income of their male members. Due to a lack of employment opportunities, women are unable to help financially. NGOs offer various employment opportunities to women so they can earn money and provide for and support their families.


NGOs are the heart of society and help develop various sections that are still not privileged. Their role in society is very important as they help those who are needy and help them do better for themselves and for others. NGOs work in different sectors and are not just limited to the ones mentioned here. They work in a way that definitely supports and encourages different groups of people in society.