Ways to Show Your Support

Join us as we navigate life’s crossroads together and work hard to fulfill our mission to remove barriers in accessing behavioral wellness, housing, and employment services in our community.

We provide hope, support, and opportunities for positive change to people. If you’re looking for ways to spread hope and support our cause, we have several ideas for you!


If you’re already making purchases via Amazon, you can give back to Tampa Crossroads at no extra cost by simply switching over to AmazonSmile and selecting us as your nonprofit of choice. With AmazonSmile, you get the same selection and shopping experience, but we’ll receive a donation from Amazon with every purchase. It’s an amazing way to give back!


Donate if you can. Remember, even small donations help. You can start a Facebook fundraiser and invite people to support your cause or ask your employer if they match donations to nonprofit organizations. It’s easy to get into the mindset that only large dollar amounts make a difference. Consider this, $10,000 is only 400 gifts of $25, or 100 gifts of $100. You can also donate gift cards, gift baskets, and/or supplies that can be used for raffles or our community’s growth. All donations are greatly appreciated, unrestricted donations allow us to make an impact on programs with an immediate need. Together, we can do much more than any of us can do on our own! CLICK HERE to learn more about how you can donate to us.


Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Make sure to like, share, and comment on our posts, or create a post, a picture, note, or review on social media about your experience with us.

Join our email list and forward our emails to a friend, helping to build new connections and unlock new possibilities. The next time you receive an email from us, ask yourself “who in MY circle needs to know about these resources or initiatives?”

Think of an influencer in your circle who should know about us and make an introduction. Whether is a blogger, podcaster, or other influencers, your personal introduction could result in a guest post or other opportunity to multiply our efforts and expand our reach!


Become more engaged by attending and supporting our events. Some of our most common types of fundraising events include auctions, bowling/golf tournaments, and virtual raffles. These events help you become more involved with our organization, all while raising funds through tickets, merchandise, and in-person donations.


Sponsorships allow us to partner with other reputable organizations to receive funds and in-kind donations. Companies and organizations may sponsor Tampa Crossroads as a general partnership or in conjunction with a campaign or event. Your sponsorship will be recognized at our events, on our website, and/or on our social media pages, because it’s important to us that we recognize each sponsor publicly and give thanks!

When you take any of these actions, you’re helping strengthen our organization, allowing us to do more good and keep serving our community.

Your contributions support our mission to remove barriers in accessing behavioral wellness, housing, and employment services in our community. We provide hope, support, and opportunities for positive change to people as we navigate life’s crossroads together.


Sure, there may be posted volunteer opportunities, but do you have a special skill or interest area that doesn’t quite fit? Let us know! Send us a quick email to explain your idea and area of expertise. We would love to hear how you can contribute to our mission! CLICK HERE to fill out our Volunteer Application.


CLICK HERE to visit our donation page. CLICK HERE to join our mailing list.

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