Terms and Conditions

I understand that the Raffle is being conducted by Tampa Crossroads, Inc. and that by selecting “Checkout” and typing my electronic signature (which is equivalent to my written signature) on the following page that I am (a) affixing my electronic signature to this Order Form (b) certifying that I have read and agree to the Official Rules of this Raffle, and (c) upon acceptance of my order, my electronic signature will also be electronically affixed to my Raffle Tickets as may be required in certain circumstances by the Commonwealth of Florida. Furthermore, the entrant also acknowledges and agrees that by clicking the “I Agree” box on the order form and by entering his/her electronic signature on the order form and submitting the order form to TCR, that the entrant will have affixed his/her electronic signature to the order form, certifying that he/she has read the “Official Rules” of this Raffle and that he/she agrees to be bound by them. Moreover, the Commonwealth of Florida requires that each Raffle ticket purchased be signed by the purchaser and the person selling the ticket. The entrant hereby acknowledges and agrees, that upon acceptance of the entrant’s order, and issuance of his/her tickets, that the electronic signature provided with the order form will also be affixed as the entrant’s electronic signature to the tickets purchased by the entrant. The entrant also acknowledges and agrees that all Raffle tickets issued pursuant to this Raffle will be digital tickets (“Digital Tickets”) and that no paper tickets will be issued. Each Digital Ticket issued shall have the electronic signature of the President of TCR affixed to it, at the time such Digital Ticket is issued.
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