Rose Manor — Residential Treatment for Women

Just Women. No Labels.

The only affordable licensed & accredited treatment provider exclusively for women in Hillsborough County

Rose Manor has been offering holistic health services to women for over 25 years in our historic family home, which was built in 1903. Rose Manor was designated as a landmark historic structure in 2003, and has been home to over 1,000 women who have found inner peace and health while living here.
Our staff is warmly welcoming and highly skilled at assisting you to achieve your goals for good health.

Because this program only serves women, you can rest assured that you are safe with us and can focus all of your energy and efforts on restoring balance in your life.

You will share a room while here at Rose Manor. Nutritious meals which have been designed by a licensed dietician are prepared by the residents and served family style in our large dining room. Cooking and other household chores are shared by all of the residents while weekend cook-outs and back yard picnics are encouraged.

Rose Manor is a phased program and your success here depends on how hard you work at it. We are a classic Therapeutic Community so many of the activities and dynamics of your program are driven by those who are residing here. Rose Manor does not approach your reasons for admission as a “disease.” Rather we accept that we all have made poor choices at times. It is what we are able to do with that experience and how we move forward that determines our future success.

At Rose Manor we are always here to support you in your choices to change your behaviors and return to your life as a healthy and happy individual. We do not place labels on you; rather we focus on the good health that awaits you when you are able to recognize the power that you hold within.

Rose Manor is CARF accredited.

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