Our CEO: An Everyday Hero

November 15, 2016


President Barack Obama has said we have a solemn duty to serve our armed forces and their families. One Tampa Bay woman is dedicating her life to doing just that.

  • Tampa Crossroads  C.E.O, Sara Romeo, is an “Everyday Hero” 
  • Tampa Crossroads supports veterans and their families
  • The non-profit organization started in 1977

Sara Romeo has served as C.E.O and Executive Director of Tampa Crossroads since 2003.

The non-profit organization was started by Sister Rose Christina Momm in 1977. Tampa Crossroads supports families including veterans and veterans’ families with housing as well as numerous other services — including the Athena House.

The Athena House is the first program developed in the United States for homeless female veterans. The creation of this history making house has gone national.

The Athena program was developed and funded by the federal government in 2008. “We have a beautiful building we still operate and it still functions as a model program for homeless female veterans throughout our country,” Sara said.

Sara said the plight of America’s vets goes on and on. “For every vet family that we’re housing here at Tampa Crossroads, we have another family coming in right behind them.”

Among these successes, Sara also served in the state legislature from 2000 to 2002. She is also a cancer survivor. While in office, Sara was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later with breast cancer.

Refusing to quit, Sara wrote the bill for the breast cancer license plate which passed unanimously in the House and Senate.

“It was the only plate, first and only plate, to raise money to research to find a cure for breast cancer,” Sara said.

To date the plate has raised more than $20 million.

This is just some of the long list of services from a positive, never say die, fourth generation Tampa native.

“I don’t think that makes me a hero. I think it makes me a person that really wants to make my community a better place,” she said.




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