2016 Message of THANKS from the Executive Director

Sara Romeo

November 29, 2016

2016 has brought renewed hope for so many Tampa families and at Tampa Crossroads we are most humbled and grateful for all of the wonderful projects that we have completed in this past year. Our community is changing in so many ways and we are hopeful that positive change will affect the work that we do to provide families at-risk and adults with mental health issues to seek help toward a happier and balanced life. We are Thankful that we are able to provide counseling to adults who are residents of Hillsborough County, Veterans suffering from PTSD and adults with disabilities, housing to those families seeking a safer and more affordable home to provide shelter for their families, and assistance to women who may be escaping violence, addictions, and unemployment. I am also Thankful for our dedicated and skilled staff of 55 men and women who assist our clients every day to find a life balance for themselves and their families. Without this great TEAM TCR we could not assist those who are in the greatest need.

With our devoted staff at the Veterans Center and the Athena House we continue to work toward finding permanent homes for EVERY homeless veteran in our community. When we started our mission in 2008 to end veteran homelessness there were over 1000 veterans identified as literally unsheltered and needing safe housing. As of today we have 200-homeless veteran families in Hillsborough County. As we continue our work to locate safe and affordable housing for these families we are constantly reminded of their service to our country and we fully acknowledge their sacrifice for our freedom. With the continued support of our community and local partnerships with the City and County we fully expect to reach ZERO in 2017.

In our Vocational Rehabilitation Employment program, we continue to place disabled adults into meaningful employment to meet their career expectations. With over 300 people placed into permanent employment we are very proud of our dedicated Employment specialists and support staff that has the patience and commitment to assist adults with disabilities to reach their personal career goals. Finding suitable employment is a challenge for many and we continue to raise the bar for our community. We are Thankful to the many local Employers who partner with us year round to hire men and women with disabilities. Without them we could not help these people reach their full potential.

Rose Manor for Women, located at the Tampa Heights gateway, is currently being renovated and we know it will be a beacon of support for women who are seeking safety and stability in their lives. This 113 year old Queen Anne mansion renovation project will be completed in the first Quarter of 2017 and will provide a more comfortable home for the hundreds of women who will come to us for help over the next few years. We are Thankful for the support of Hillsborough County for this historic grant to help us achieve success in restoring one of the oldest homes in our city.

As we continue to grow and expand our programs to assist the ever changing population we serve, we are Thankful to have such a supportive community, wonderful partnerships, and a very dedicated TEAM of professionals to assist you in reaching YOUR GOALS! On behalf of Tampa Crossroads we wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR 2017 and we look forward to continuing our legacy of support to Tampa Bay families for over 40-years.


Sara Romeo, CEO, Executive Director

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